Santa Virtual Visit


Can you imagine the look on your child's face and how excited your child will be with a personalized video from Santa Claus!   

 Santa Michael offers TWO personalized video experiences - you can either select a video message from Santa Claus, personally tailored for your child, or you can set up an actual live video chat with Santa from his workshop in the north pole. 



Santa knows all the wonderful things and activities your child or loved one is doing and can encourage areas that need a little improvement too with a little assistance and help from you.   Santa can share how proud you are with them and create a magical message that will be remembered for a life time 

When you want something a little more intimate and personal, request a live video chat from Santa!  Santa will meet and talk with you and your kids for ten minutes - nothing better than having personalized time with Father Christmas, Kris Kringle!

Choose one of these magical options to make your season even more unique and memorable.  

Virtual Visit Description:

Downloadable Personalized Video Message

  • Recorded message 3 to 5 minutes in length with a special animated introduction.


Online Personal Santa Video Visit

  • Using ZOOM for a 6 to 10 minute magical visit with Santa.  To make sure each child gets a special time with Santa there is a 3 Child Limit per chat